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     Joining exciting atmosphere of emulation on occasion of the 18th establishment as well as New Year 2014 and Year of Horse 2014, the company’s administration and organization department organized in collaboration with technical and IT department to publish a tribute written by Mr. Doan Van Dang - Chairman of Member Council cum Director of the company sending to all officers and employees of the company.


     Dear all!


   The time Year 2013 going through is also the moment we set a milestone for our rounding 18 year construction and development in 02 manufacturing sectors: garment paper and carton.


     Looking back at that time, each of us has the right to be proud of the results that we have achieved together. In 1994, from production factory with initial infrastructure including outdated mechanical systems, a group of 20 officers and staff had produced first tons of paper. Then, two years later, in 1996 noting that development of the country opened up countless new opportunities, the company’s council member and leadership board held a meeting to discuss and make a historical decision on the field of producing paper for garment sector in Vietnam. We had invested a synchronous and modern system of machinery, paper and cardboard packaging manufacturing technology. After 18 month operation, engineers and workers had fully mastered that technology to make products meeting all demanding requirements of the market.


     Real chance came when the country reaped first fruits from renovation; the country's economy had grown continuously at high speeds, along with strong growth of garment, mechanic, and electronic industries ... We fully grasped that opportunity.


     For producing paper for garment sector: Obtaining technology transfer from foreign experts, the company’s officials, engineers and workers tried increasingly to innovate in order to make good quality products. After just 02 years of production, research and experience drawing, we had successfully produced papers for garment sector that Vietnam had previously imported directly from overseas.


     With sustainable product quality, we had expanded our market through distributors in all 3 regions: the North, the Central and the South. Most of products we produced had shown their preeminent features and thus they are received by the market as the most suitable product.


     Continuing innovation in distribution, looking forward to listening to all suggestions from customers, company leaders had decided to join directly in the North’s market and Thanh Hoa, Nghe An provinces’ market. Starting in 2008 we have built our own brand "Global Paper". It has helped us to be known as the number one manufacturer of Vietnam in producing paper for garment sector and also the only unit in Vietnam producing and supplying papers for that industry.


     For manufacturing cardboard packing, not aiming to have the biggest sales but with modern and synchronous technology, we could produce 03 layer, 5 layer and 7 layer cartons. Along with professional management system has allowed us to become a trusted partner of many businesses in fields of garment, electronic, mechanical, food industries...


     In 2009, all officers and employees of the company have jointly built and implemented the slogan "Global is your perfect choice". To gain a full trust from our customers, we have strived to bring with our customers: the best products, the most reasonable price and the most perfect services. The immediate task for each member of the company is to continuously focus on innovation in management, technology and create in working to achieve three major goals: anniversary of the company’s 


     - Always keep position as the number one supplier and manufacturer of Vietnam in garment paper field and the trusted partner of customers with demand for cartons. 


     - Towards build the most perfect services for customers together with consider quality the vital element of the company. 


     - Enhance welfare of labors not only in their material life but also in all aspects of their spiritual life.


With accumulated tradition together with constant creativity and innovation determination of all officials, engineers and employees in the company, I strongly believe that we will succeed together with brand "Global" forever.


     On the occasion of the company’s establishment anniversary and the New Year, I would like to express sincere thanks to all officials, engineers and employees in the company who have dedicated the company’s development as today.


     I would like to wish health, happiness, success to all of you and your family! 


     A new year of Wellbeing - Prosperity! 




                       Ha Noi, 30/12/2013.





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